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*  We work on a first come first serve basis. We will accept only ONE SET OF APPLICATIONS at a time per property!*

                                                                             REQUIREMENTS FOR RENTING
1)   Applications must be filled out completely and neatly. Please be very specific with employment and previous landlord's addresses and phone numbers. We must have street numbers and zip codes in order to qualify application for rental.

2)   Each person who will reside in the unit 18 years of age or older, must complete an application.

3)   Applicant should be employed at least six (6) months on present job. Name, address, and phone number of
immediate supervisor are required for verification of employment and monthly income.

4) Monthly income should be three (3) times greater than monthly rent for house or apartment you are applying for. (Combined income if more than one applicant)

5) Previous landlords must be contacted.  Please supply us with their name and phone number. Please list the last 2 rental references.

6)  All applications are processed through the Experian for a credit rating. Any judgements, collections, slow pay or any credit problems can be grounds for denying this application. Any application refused because of a credit rating problem can be verified by applicant. Please contact EXPERIAN, P.O. BOX 2002, ALLEN, TX 75013-0036 OR 714-385-7000.  Upon written request, we will provide to the applicant with a copy of their credit report.

7) Realty Management Services does not discriminate in granting or denying rental applications with regard to race, color, age, religion, sex, marital status, national origin, or ancestry of the applicant; or with regard to the racial or ethnic composition of the neighborhood or geographic area surrounding the property; or the fact that you have in good faith exercised any right under various state and federal consumer laws. If at any time you feel that you have been discriminated against by Realty Management Services, please contact the Department of Fair Employment and Housing 1001 Tower Way, Suite 250, Bakersfield, CA (or) 1-800-884-1684 or 1-714-385-7000.

                                                       INFORMATION REQUIRED FOR SUBMITTING AN APPLICATION
1) $40.00 in certified funds processing fee per adult or per married couple. If identification shows maiden name, a copy of the marriage certificate must be submitted.

2) A photocopy of a valid driver’s license, passport or government issued photo ID for all applicants 18 years and older. If the identification shows a maiden name, a copy of the marriage certificate must be submitted.  A photocopy of a signed social security card, ITIN card or receipt from Social Security with SS# listed on receipt, or copy of tax return, the first 2 pages, signed, or W2 for all applicants 18 years and older.  Copies of ID's must be clearly visible.  Emailed copies are not accepted.

3) A photocopy of all income verification (i.e., recent pay stub, AFDC, SSI & SS we need award letters). Copies of the 3 most recent paystubs must be included with the application.  All income which is automatically deposited must be accompanied by 3 months bank statements and 3 paystubs or an award letter.

4) If self-employed : you are required to submit 3 months bank statements and the last 2 years tax returns of which you must also include your current profit loss statement.

5) Upon approval, the security cleaning deposit and the first month’s rent will need to be paid within 48 hours with certified funds.  NO CASH OR PERSONAL CHECKS.

6) Collections and/or evictions for former residency are automatic grounds for denial. Bankruptcies must be discharged for 1 year with re-established good credit or 2 years without re-established credit.

7) If you wish to have alimony and/ or child support payments included in qualifying income, it must be court ordered and a copy of the court order must be submitted with your application.

8) In order for student grants/loans to be included in qualifying income, you must provide copies of the
awarded grant/loan paperwork.

9) If applying for a property that allows animals, please include a photo of your animal, breed, shot records and current license information. Renters insurance in the amount of $100K coverage and additional an animal deposit will be required, if approved. Breed restrictions do apply!

10) If applying for a single family home that has a pool, upon approval, applicants will be required to submit and maintain renters insurance in the amount of $300K coverage with "Realty Management Services" listed as additional insured.




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